Our Programs

PinkSlayer Jr (Slayer Jr)

Slayer Jr. was created by Jayla Fields when she was 10 years old. She wanted to help other kids who were experiencing parents going through cancer treatments. Jayla plans fun activities for kids ages 2 years old and up. Her goal is to get more kids signed up for Camp Kesem and to create a safe environment where kids can talk when needed, and have fun while building an unbreakable bond.  Activities will be listed soon most are free.  Slayer Jrs will also have an online family chat once a month.

Feed with Love Grocery Program

We provide groceries during the week of treatment. We also provide survivor bags filled with items needed during the treatment day. The survivor bags snack items can be replenished upon request if items are available. Transportation cost can become exhausting during the treatment period. We provide gas gift cards to help relieve some of the stress of transportation cost.

Support Groups for All

We offer support groups for all who have been affected by cancer.  Our goal is to provide a secure global platform for each support group to discuss topics of concern.  We all will meet once a year on PinkSlayer's cruise.  Our first cruise is June 18, 2020, please email info@pinkslayer.org to get deposit information.