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Patient Navigation Service
Let us be your advocate to wellness.

PinkSlayer’s Approach to Care 

 At PinkSlayer LLC, we provide care for all your needs before, during, and after treatment.  Providing support and resources necessary to take charge of your body, health, and life.  We are here to help with all challenges you may face.  We treat you with dignity and respect while giving you access to the highest quality, comprehensive care.
  • You will receive your first appointment within 24 hours.
  • We will schedule all appointments needed for your treatments with local medical professionals.
  • During the intake process, we will give you the option to express financial concerns.
  • Every staff member will know you by your name.

Personalized Care Navigation
 When you contact us, you will be assigned a navigator who will be your personal guide and advocate throughout your care experience. Your Navigator will work to ensure that you feel in control not just of your medical treatment, but of the rest of your life as well.
  • Your Navigator will attend your first three appointments with your oncologist to ensure you understand the medical aspects of your care: your treatment options, procedures, medications, possible side effects, etc.
  • Your Navigator will also help you deal with personal issues, ranging from childcare and transportation to support groups and psychotherapy.
  • Your Navigator can also help you access many support services, including smoking cessation programs, legal clinics, and insurance enrollment assistance.